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"Steve Lewis' track 'Off This Rock' from his forthcoming LP Creepers & Vines is a glam-splashed psych nugget of the highest order. It heads in the same direction as recent Ty Segall albums, but veers into the land of groove instead of the land of over-the-top freakout. - NASHVILLE SCENE


"... a must-hear. With roaring guitars that echo Neil Young and Crazy Horse, sparkling harmonies reminiscent of glam David Bowie, and an undeniable sense of fun, it’s a blast of rock ‘n’ roll that shames any white male indie rock that’s come out this year. Crank it with the windows down." – POPMATTERS


[5/5 stars] “On his vivid and imaginative new album, Creepers & Vines, Nashville rocker  Steve Lewis touches down in multiple turfs, including Neil Young, Elliot Smith, Pavement and Dinosaur Jr., for a fuzzy-bluesy-boogiecentric delight.” - BLURT MAGAZINE


“Steve Lewis’ new album Creepers & Vines is a magnificently diverse panorama of musical moods and extreme moments. It's all good, but there are moments where the music is so strong, the notes come so fast and furious, and everything comes together so perfectly that it takes the experience to a whole new level. This has a lot to do with the creative ideas, but it also has a lot to do with the tech... both the artist's technique and the technology used to get ‘that sound.’” – RUST MAGAZINE


“Reminiscent of true American pop that combines the lore of Buddy Holly, alternative charisma of Elvis Costello and assertive musicianship.” - GLIDE MAGAZINE


“… a solid slab of muscular guitar-based rock with a few power-pop tones. Lewis has been described as a cross between David Byrne and Neil Young and there’s some truth in that, as he has the left-field pop sensibility of the former and the love of heavy fuzzed-up guitars of the latter.  An intriguing album and one for those who prefer a little uncertainty in their listening.” - AMERICANA UK


“Steve Lewis wields his axe on his excellent ‘Creepers & Vines’ LP…a terrific record.” - PITTSBURGH IN TUNE


“Creepers & Vines is a solid album and must-listen for fans of the indie and blues rock sounds.” - MONKEYGOOSE MAGAZINE

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